Dennis Lupenga

Linga Fruit Wine in a Nutshell

Linga Fruit Wine is the perfect companion for 21st century lifestyle, transforming everyday good times  into celebrations!  A pure rich slowly-fermented unique range of fruit wines nurtured to lush perfection in the lovely Linga Winery where environmental wellbeing permeates the premises. A taste experience you can’t afford to miss, produced from 8 fresh Malawi fruits (including Jambula and Bwemba) without additives and slowly naturally fermented for one to two years in the cool Linga Cellar to give that unique smooth taste.

Linga is a rich beverage reminiscent of sherry or schnapps. It is a happy social drink that makes any occasion more special: parties, weddings, get-togethers. It also makes a great gift!  It is regularly carried as a gift to friends abroad, and also makes a memorable Corporate Gift.

 Linga varieties can be enjoyed straight, with ice or even with some soda in the hot season. Some very mature limited editions can also be taken as Shots or as Liqueur. Linga is available in 275 and 750 ml glass bottles with choices of closure.

Dr Timothy Ngwira, Managing Partner, and fruit winemaker since 1978, brings his academic skills in analytical biochemistry to the production of unsurpassed high quality distinctive fruit wines. Explore and find out more.

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