Dennis Lupenga

Science in Action

Equipment and samples for testing pH and BrixAt Linga Winery, practical applications of science are the daily reality.   Dr Ngwira, as an analytical biochemist, has researched on fruit wine production for many years and an example of his writing is here: Utilization of local fruit in Wine making in Malawi. He continues to oversee graduate research in the discipline.

Winery staff need a good understanding of the scientific tests and other areas such as  food microbiology  surrounding quality wine production.  Malawi Bureau of Standards regularly checks the premises and the product  and Linga Winery  has been certified for almost 4 years, holding MS 178

Winery Technicians Ruben and Robert with the recently acquired ROPP capping machineApart from chemical tests, there is also mechanical equipment to be worked with. The picture shows Winery Technician Ruben Manda and assistant Robert Banda using  the recently acquired ROPP capping machine.
As a means of encouraging young scientists, students studying relevant disciplines make winery visits and are exposed to scientific processes of fermentation as seen in the picture. On occasion, as part of its Social Responsibility, Linga Fruit Winery  has sponsored outreach  activities for senior  science students.

Scientists at Work