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Our Wines

Produced from 8 different fresh Malawi fruits without additives and slowly naturally fermented for one to two years in the cool Linga Cellar to give that unique smooth taste.

Linga fruit wines range from Rosella (Chidede) which produces  a rich beverage reminiscent of sherry or schnapps to a deep ruby Mulberry reminiscent of Pinot Noir to the light fruity White Guava a great  accompaniment to Malawi freshwater fish or pasta. Linga is primarily  is a happy social drink that makes any occasion more special: parties, weddings, get-togethers. It also makes a great gift!

Our varieties can be enjoyed straight, with ice or even with some soda in the hot season (Linga Spritzer). Linga is available in 275ml and 750 ml glass bottles with cork or screw tops, aluminium ROPP (Newly introduced) or plastic.

Dr Timothy Ngwira, Managing Partner, brings his academic skills in analytical biochemistry to the production of unsurpassed  high quality distinctive fruit wines.


Description and serving suggestions
An intriguing complex limited edition pale medium/ semi sweet wine – love it or hate it!
An unusual pale rosé semi sweet wine. Somewhat yeasty, pure and natural. Lingers on the palate and,  like Bwemba, somewhat love it or hate it among consumers – but for the majority, so popular.
Jambula has a reputation for helping in cases of diabetes. Ripe fruit somewhat harsh but a great favourite with small children

Powerful mature medium amber fruity wine, great as LISHA with Soda
Crisp fresh smooth medium dry wine, goes well with Malawi Chambo and other fish and Pasta
A rich lingering rosé with sherry like overtones. The fruit is renowned for its cholesterol- reducing properties. A happy celebratory experience. The original and still one of the most popular Linga varieties. Sometimes used as Altar Wine
An ever popular Linga, rich, medium to semi sweet. Pure and fruity, a great aperitif or dessert wine.
Also used as Linga Celebration and customized to the occasion eg in wedding colours or with a greeting
A lush ruby red medium wine reminiscent of a Pinot Noir, perfect accompaniment to red meats. Popular with the good hotels. Limited quantities available.
Light zesty fruity wine ranging from medium to semi sweet. Enhances seafoods, pork and as a dessert  wine and also great as LISHA with Soda or as PEACH CHILL drizzled over ice and drunk by Lake Malawi
Fruit, location and season
Linga Winery Garden, Lilongwe
Syzigium guineense. Beautiful tall trees following the river course.
Linga Winery Garden, Lilongwe
December /January
Mlanda Lizulu Area (Kafere Family)
Fruits from Mitundu Area and Bunda orchard . Around March
Hibiscus sabdariffa from across Central Malawi especially around Likuni. Fruits from March - May
Fruits from Guzani on the outskirts of Lilongwe from July till September
Zomba and Lilongwe Suburbs   Fruits September
Mlanda Lizulu Area (Kafere Family)
Fruits from December - January


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750 ml glass bottles with cork and shrink top available individually or wholesale supplied in boxes of 12.

750 ml glass bottles with metallic screw top available individually or bulk or wholesale supplied in boxes of 12.

275 ml glass bottles with plastic screw top available individually or bulk or wholesale supplied in boxes of 24.

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