Dennis Lupenga

Winery Visits & Enquiries

Wine tasting sessions are arranged on demand  and form a popular part of  Lilongwe social events . Ling a Wine tasting is a very happy event and gets more cheerful as the wine flows.

Groups of up to 15 are welcome to visit Linga Winery by arrangement – pre booking is essential.  A small fee is charged to cover costs.  Supporting background  and a 275ml complimentary bottle of Linga are part of the package.  Children are also welcome.  The Programme consists of introductions and networking over Malawi coffee, tea and home baking, then an explanation to the background of the winery and the processes.  Thereafter there is a visit to the wine production and processing areas. Here, visitors sample perhaps 10  wines-in- process and evaluate them according to several  parameters using both their own preferences and guidelines given in the material handed out.
This is followed by is a tour of the winery garden and the fruit –producing trees,  Guests may see some of the winery fauna – perhaps a Mongoose or Turacos and certainly the doves fluttering down to the birdbath - peace.  The visit, which lasts about two and a half hours ends with guests enjoying a wide range of wines then selecting a 275 ml Linga to take home.  There is then the  opportunity to purchase Linga of your choice at  wholesale prices,.  The winery is located in a tranquil scenic area in Area 3, Lilongwe, close to Lilongwe River. Anyone wishing to participate in wine tasting should contact us using the form below.

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